26 earthquakes in 24 hours in Japan

Repeated subterranean persuasion was observed 24 hours after a massive earthquake in the Japanese prefecture of Osaka 26 times, the main meteorological department of Japan reported.

Of these, four times – shocks in four points on a seven-point scale, adopted in Japan.

Meteorologists warn that strong underground aftershock shocks are possible in this area during the week. The probability of strong shocks in the first two or three days is especially high.

During the earthquake in Kumamoto in 2016, the main damage and the largest number of victims resulted in a second earthquake. It almost did not yield to the strength of the first (April 14 – seven points on a seven-point scale, April 16 – six with a plus), but it turned out to be fatal for those who returned home to the poetry of the house, already affected by the first blow.

In the northern part of the prefecture of Osaka at 7.58 (1.58 MSK) on Monday there was a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.1. In some areas, the force of the shocks reached up to six points on a seven-point scale adopted in Japan. By this hour there is information about four dead and 360 injured.

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