4 Districts in Bulgaria Affected by Heavy Rains

The municipalities of Garmen, Simitli, Petrich and Blagoevgrad have declared a state of emergency due to heavy rains. There are no casualties, but the damage is enormous.

The mayor of Garmen has appealed for emergency state aid, as the River Mesta, flowing in, has damaged the main water supply system. In some places, overflowing river waters tore down dams and flooded roads and bridges in Gotse Delchev. The overflowing Kanina River destroyed bridges, damaged substations and flooded hotels and houses in the resort village of Ognyanovo.

In Petrich, 24 liters of precipitation per square meter fell in 24 hours. The Struma River overflowed its banks and flooded thousands of decares of agricultural land. The situation was most critical near the village of Krushitsa, where high waters were dangerously close to the gas transit pipeline to Greece.

The situation in some municipalities in the districts of Smolyan, Kardjali and Plovdiv remains grave. A partial state of emergency has been declared in the municipality of Ardino. There, heavy rains and hurricane wind caused numerous landslides.

A bridge over the river Arda near the village of Kitnitsa was swept away. Roads to 6 settlements were interrupted. The increased level of the river caused significant damage to the infrastructure near the tourist attraction “Devil’s Bridge”. The road Smolyan – Devin is closed due to landslides. The bypass route goes through Krychim

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