4 people killed in avalanche on Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador

Four people were killed in an avalanche on the Chimborazo volcano in central Ecuador, the country’s Unified Security Service ECU 911 said.

The avalanche struck a group of 12 tourists as they were climbing the volcano to an altitude of about 6,100 meters, the service said in a statement.

Following the incident, which was reported at 06:30 local time (1130 GMT), a National Police special operations team, the local fire department and a police helicopter were dispatched to rescue the tourists, whose nationalities were not disclosed.

Access to the Chimborazo Reserve, which surrounds the volcano, was suspended.

Chimborazo is the highest volcano and mountain in Ecuador, at 6,263 meters above sea level. Its snow-covered summit is a popular attraction among local and foreign climbers.

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