444 people killed, 101 missing in natural disasters related to seasonal rains in Nepal

A total of 444 people have died and 101 have gone missing due to various monsoon-related natural disasters since April 2020 in Nepal.

Disasters include floods, landslides and lightning strikes, which have also resulted in severe property and livestock losses.

Since the rainy season began in early April, 444 Nepalese have died, 101 are missing and 739 have been injured by floods, landslides and lightning across the country.

Most of the deaths were caused by mudflows, as a result of which 295 people died, 64 people went missing, 223 people were injured and 439 head of livestock died. The lightning killed 65 people, injured 213 people and killed 696 livestock.

As a result of the flood, 42 people were killed, 32 people were missing, 11 were injured and 272 livestock were killed. Fires also contributed: 10 people died and 144 were injured.

In total, 1,755 head of cattle died as a result of natural disasters. The damage amounted to about 820 million Nepalese rupees or about $ 7 million.

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