57 years ago in Yellowstone earthquake

In 1959 in the area of Yellowstone national Park, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 and 7.8.

During the earthquake the surrounding landscape dropped by about 6 meters, and the shock wave caused numerous fluctuations in lake Hebgen, which lasted for 12 hours.

The worst consequence of the disaster was a major landslide with a volume of 38 million cubic meters, rolled down from the southern slope of mount Thorn. Huge mass of mud, stones and other debris with a total weight of 80 million tons fell in the top and at a speed of 160 km/h headed for the valley of Madison. At this time the shores of lake Hebgen and along the river bed stood the campsites where tourists stayed overnight. A debris flow struck a house and tents and killed 28 people, and then blocked the river flow and the next month formed a body of water called quake lake.

The earthquake on the territory of Yellowstone there is a new geysers and cracks. An earthquake damaged the Old Faithful Inn, forcing guests to evacuate, and also blocked the road between Old Faithful geyser and Mamontovy hot springs. In the town of West Yellowstone was destroyed the courthouse and train station, University of Montana, suffered damage to private housing, and between the Yellowstone Park and Bozeman was damaged telephone. Total damage from seismic events amounted to 11 million U.S. dollars.

The convergence of landslide dam Hebgen located upstream of the Madison river, was covered with large cracks. To prevent another mudslide formed during the appearance of the lake, was a large-scale mobilization of the Engineering troops, the largest in the history of the Western United States. Urgently built drain allowed us to eliminate the cracks and to stop another disaster.

After the earthquake, within a few months of the Western part of Yellowstone Park shaken by aftershocks of magnitude up to 6.5. Over time, the lake Kuyek overgrown with lush vegetation and blend in with the landscape of Montana. Today, its maximum depth is 58 meters. The nearby visitors center, which invites tourists to enjoy the pond and see the events of one of the largest earthquakes in North America.

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