A city in the U.S. state of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against oil companies because of the earthquake

Residents of the city Ponies in the us state of Oklahoma has opened a lawsuit against the 27 oil companies. Miners of “black gold” are accused of “acceleration” of earthquakes, which have repeatedly suffered the small town. The lawsuit stated that the oil companies used in the development of the notoriously earthquake-prone method — injection into wells of wastewater.

In September in Oklahoma occurred the strongest earthquake since November 2011. The magnitude of the earthquake, which affected the unfortunate Pony was 5.8. November 6 an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 shook dozens of buildings in nearby Cushing.

According to the predictions of the USGS, the development of gas and oil industry in the country has led to the frequent earthquakes. For this reason, the seismic activity in Texas and Oklahoma caught up with the seismic activity in California, where frequent earthquakes are explained by the Geology.

In the process of shale oil and gas, water along geological fault lines disappearing water, which causes earthquakes.

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