A huge dam will lead to natural disaster

The Gilgel Gibe III Power Station can cause environmental disasters in Africa.

Gilgel Gibe III was built on the Omo River, which flows through Ethiopia and flows into Lake Rudolph on the border with Kenya. The dam station is one of the most striking engineering structures in Africa. Its height is 246 meters and its length is 610. Gilgel Gibe III became the third hydroelectric station in the Omo River energy cascade.

The construction of this power plant should significantly increase the energy potential of Ethiopia – and at the same time could create an environmental disaster in central Africa. The hydroelectric dam has cut off the flow of water to Lake Rudolph by almost 90%, putting at risk the lives of the agricultural tribes, as well as the animals that live in the Omo estuary and on the shores of the lake. The situation is aggravated by irrigation canals diverted from the river for commercial farming.

Scientists are sounding the alarm. Rudolph can repeat the fate of the Aral Sea, whose area over the past 60 years has decreased by 75% and the volume of water by almost 90. This can lead to the formation of a new desert and the destruction of the ecosystems of central Africa.

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