A hurricane has hit the Sverdlovsk oblast

Strong winds, with gusts of up to 21-23 m/c, which on Thursday night paralyzed movement of public transport in several areas Of Yekaterinburg, were dragged from earth with billboards and brought down trees, left without without electricity about 33 thousand people in the whole Sverdlovsk region.

At the moment sit without light inhabitants of Botany and parts The Uktus in Ekaterinburg. Problems with electricity supply faces a number settlements of Beloyarskiy, sysertskiy, Nev, Pervouralskoe, Artinskian and Michael urban districts.Electricity is completely absent in Loginovo, Chernousovo, Chernobrovkin, Kamyshevo, Kolyutkino, ISE, North, and Bingo, partly in Nevyansk and Tawache.

Sverdlovenergo branch of IDGC of Urals, switched to enhanced mode to eliminate the effects of strong winds.

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