A lightning strike killed a woman and 35 sheep in Rajasthan, India

A woman was killed and three people were injured when lightning struck them. The incident also killed 35 sheep. The incident occurred near the village of Dharamdas ji ka Kheda gram panchayat Dhamancha in Begun subdivision.

District Inspector Tara Chand Meena and Rajendra Prasad Goyal, district attorney of Chittorgarh, visited the scene. The victims were driving a flock of sheep from Madhya Pradesh toward Marwar. The shepherds with the flock had stopped in the jungle near the village of Dhamancha. Late in the evening, heavy rains with thunder and lightning started in the area.

As a result of the incident Shiva Rebari, Rajaram Rebari and Ratharam were seriously injured and Sugna was killed. The place where the incident took place is far from the district headquarters. Officials had to walk a long distance to reach the spot. The dead sheep were later buried.

The administration assured the shepherds of financial assistance from the state government.

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