A lightning strike struck an airport officer

The airport employee in Florida discharged from the hospital after being struck by lightning last month. Almost simultaneously the video, which shows the incident, was a hit. The incident happened on the platform of the airport at the International Airport of Southwest Florida on July 21.

21-year-old Austin Dunn worked next to the front landing gear of an airplane that belongs to Sun Country Airlines when a lightning strike struck the tail of the ship. The fuselage of lightning held electricity, and Dana was thrown back with a blow.

The unhappy was hospitalized with third degree burns on the body. A few days ago, Danna was discharged from the hospital. It is known that the man also suffered brain and nervous system trauma.

It is unclear why Dunne and two other officers were on the platform when the storm came up. These three people and the aircraft they served were outside on their own. All the rest of the staff remained inside the airport building.

Lightnings with regularity take away human lives. In the US, more than 300 people – 250 men and 66 women – have been killed by lightning strikes since 2007, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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