A new record in Sweden: Temperatures drop to -43.8C

Temperatures dropped below freezing across Sweden on Monday, but no place was as cold as the remote village of Naimakka, where temperatures dropped to their lowest level of the season.

“The temperature continues to drop. It was -42.7C at noon,” Emma Herenstam, a meteorologist with Sweden’s national meteorological agency SMHI, told the TT news agency. According to preliminary data from SMHI, the temperature in Naimakka dropped to -43.8C in the afternoon.

SMHI predicts that temperatures will remain low on Monday and Tuesday, with milder weather beginning Wednesday, both in Naimakka and the rest of Sweden.

Naimakka is often listed in weather articles as one of the coldest places in Sweden in winter. It is located right on the Finnish border in the far north of Sweden, and can only be reached via Finland. According to the Ratsit address site, only two people live there.

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