A powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami in Japan

Off the Eastern coast of Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 , which led to the formation of a tsunami. The epicenter was located ten kilometers from the coast of Fukushima Prefecture.

The tsunami occurred about 20 kilometers from the coast of Fukushima: one with a height of 1.40 cm and a height of from 30 to 90 cm.

The quake occurred at 5:59 on November 22 local time (23:59 21 Nov GMT ). According to preliminary data, at the Fukushima nuclear plant from the earthquake were not injured.
All nuclear power plants on the coast has stopped working.

With more than 3,1 thousand people left their homes in the Japanese Prefecture of Fukushima. As reported by local authorities to evacuees is equipped with about 60 temporary collection points.

Power Fukushima check the condition of 270 points, where you store the bags with a slightly radioactive earth collected in the process of decontamination of soil after the accident at the NPP Fukushima-1 in 2011.

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