A second powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 shook Ecuador

The second day a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in the West of Ecuador. The epicenter was located 24 kilometers southwest of the city of Rosa-Zarate in 146 kilometers North-West of the capital Quito. The focus lies at a depth of 31 kilometer.

Today utroms the same area, an earthquake of magnitude 6.7, the effects of which injured six people.

  • 24.0 km (14.9 mi) NW of Rosa Zarate, Ecuador
  • 46.0 km (28.6 mi) ESE of Muisne, Ecuador
  • 51.0 km (31.7 mi) S of Propicia, Ecuador
  • 96.0 km (59.7 mi) NW of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador
  • 146.0 km (90.7 mi) WNW of Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador’s President Rafal Correa said that these aftershocks are the aftershock of the earthquake that occurred in mid-April. Then the victims of the earthquake were more than 600 people. The President said that the authorities countries fear of repeated aftershocks.

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