A sleeping volcano Tatara – San Pedro recorded an increase of seismicity

In its special report of the national Institute of Geology and mining of Chile (SERNAGEOMIN) reported that in the area of dormant volcanic complex, Tatara – San Pedro has been an increase in seismic activity. Wednesday July 27 monitoring station, located near the summit, registered volcano-tectonic earthquake of magnitude 3.0, associated with the fracturing of rocks.

The quake occurred at a distance of 10.7 km to the southwest from the main crater at a depth of 7,39 km away. Earlier at the volcano were recorded by several seismic events of smaller magnitude with the maximum magnitude of 2.9. At the moment the alarm status of the giant remains at “green” level, however, the SERNAGEOMIN experts continue to monitor his condition.

Tatara – San Pedro is a volcanic complex in Chile, formed inside a large Caldera measuring 6 x 12 km away. the Giant showed increased activity in the Pleistocene era, but in historic times has not made a single eruption. Despite the long period of calm, he remains active and has several active fumaroles to the South-East of the cone Tatara.

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