A storm and a storm of wind hit Moldova

On the territory of the districts Edinet, Briceni, Beltsy and Singerei, there is a heavy shower, accompanied by a gusty wind, many trees have fallen. In Briceni, because of the elements, the roof of the apartment building was torn down, there were no injuries, and in Balti a tree fell on the car.

“The patrol crews are on site and provide assistance to the traffic participant,” the National Inspectorate for Patrolling said.

Due to the fact that during the following hours, rains with a gusty wind are expected throughout the country, the agency made a number of recommendations. In particular, representatives of the inspectorate call on car owners not to park cars under trees, temporarily avoid walks in parks and unsafe areas, do not leave children unattended in the street, do not exceed the speed of traffic.

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