A strong explosion occurred on the volcano Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica

A strong hydrothermal explosion occurred on the volcano Rincon de la Vieja in Costa Rica. A plume of steam and ash rose about 1,500 m above the crater. It is 3416 m above sea level. The eruption lasted about 1 minute.

Periodic hydrothermal explosions on the volcano were recorded from April 8 to April 14. A possible minor eruption occurred on April 8th.

On April 11, a hydrothermal explosion lasting 20 seconds was recorded on infrasound and seismic networks. Water and sediment were thrown onto the upper slopes of the volcano. This event was recorded by a webcam located in Sensoria, 4 km from the crater.

In the morning, local residents noted that the water in the Penjamo River was milky white.

A small hydrothermal explosion on April 13 produced a plume of steam and gas, which rose 500 m.

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