A strong heat wave develops over Europe after an unusually cold spring

Data from meteorological satellites show that the first significant heat wave of the season is developing over Europe after an unusually cold spring that affected much of the continent. The heat wave is forecast to continue until late June, reaching 35°C or more in places.

The first countries to feel the change will be northern Spain, all of France and Germany until June 14, followed by unusually high temperatures in Switzerland and parts of Austria on June 15.

Then hot temperatures are expected over most of France and Germany, spreading northeastward toward Poland, the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, Belarus and further northeastward until June 19.

The worst temperatures are expected over Germany, northern Italy, Corsica and Sardinia on 20 June, and then briefly over all of France on 25 June, moving eastward to the Balkan Peninsula.

A respite from hot temperatures is expected from 26 June, starting in Portugal and Spain and spreading to Germany by 28 June. In the Balkan Peninsula, however, it will still be very hot, at least until June 29.

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