A tornado was observed in Ivanovo oblast, Russia

On August 3, about 16 hours during the storm, residents of the village of Kamenka Vichugsky district observed a rare in these parts of the natural phenomenon – a tornado.

According to witnesses, a dark swirling mass was first seen in the 1st Field of the village, then, through the village of Dubrovka, crossed the Sunzha, heading to the village Kuznetsovo on the opposite Bank of the river. There turned and the tornado went across the river, but in the opposite direction, on the Stove.

Reaching the second time of the right Bank, the trunk of the tornado suddenly sprang into the air and disappeared in a thundercloud. Throughout the route, the funnel never touched the earth and water, and therefore death and destruction the tornado, fortunately, has not brought. This phenomenon was observed by several dozen local residents for about 10-15 minutes.

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