A tropical downpour flooded Novorossiysk

Lasted long tropical downpour. But for the time, while in the hero-city of raging elements, it caused a lot of troubles. According to people, the roads in a matter of minutes turned into a raging river. Water rose to the height of the hoods of cars. Pedestrians didn’t risk to cross the tracks at the zebras, fearing that they will be knocked down.

Victims of rainstorm in Novorossiysk no. However, forecasters advise not to relax – storm warning is declared by the provincial Department of MOE, has not been canceled yet. And thunderstorms with hail and squally winds are also expected in the night from 29 to 30 may.

Spoil the mood of the Kuban and the people of the neighboring Adygeya weather, remember, continues for a whole week. Last Saturday, for example, flooded Maykop.

According to the meteorologists. bad weather associated with the passage through a region of atmospheric fronts and strong convection. – fallen moisture evaporates quickly and going into a powerful Cumulus clouds.

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