A wave of Arctic cold can kill 40,000 people in the UK

According to the official statement of the Ministry of Health, Britain will be affected by the Arctic cold, which will last at least three weeks, the temperature will drop sharply and residents should be ready for this threat.

It is expected that the temperature in the UK will drop sharply and stay at minus 15 degrees for the next three weeks, and in Essex and London a very heavy snowfall is expected.

Health officials issued a warning before a long cold period, encouraging the public to check those who might be at risk.

New sharp cooling, snow and ice, the roads will be impassable, trains will be stopped, aircraft will not fly, and football matches can be canceled due to frozen fields.

Dr. Thomas Waite of the Extreme Events team for public health in England said: “Since the weather will be colder in the coming days, it’s really a good time to check out those who might be at risk. People with diseases such as cardiac and pulmonary conditions, elderly people and young children, can feel the unpleasant consequences of cold weather more than the rest of us. ”

“To stay alive this winter, we all need to play a role. Is there someone you know who might be in danger when the cold weather sets in? Could you help them by shopping for food or medicine? When the cold weather comes, we can do a few things to preserve our health, wear a few thin layers of clothing instead of thicker ones, keep a supply of food and medicine at home and watch out for weather forecasts, “Waite said.

A sharp and prolonged cold snap according to the forecast of the Ministry of Health of the UK will kill about 40,000 Britons this winter after this amount is higher than the 34,000 deaths a year ago, and the winter was then relatively mild.

The average mortality from cold in Britain in winter is 25,000 people. Many of those who die in cold weather, the elderly, the poor and the homeless. Twenty percent of winter deaths are people under the age of 75 years, and 11 percent – up to 65 years, according to the Office of National Statistics.

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