Abnormal heat and a sharp drop in temperature in Siberia

One of the main sensations of the past weekend was the 30-degree heat in Norilsk. This is the highest temperature in the region of the 70th parallel in the entire Northern Hemisphere. It is curious that the next day it was sharply colder to +8. The collapse of the cold in the rear part of the wave cyclone was accompanied by a storm wind up to 27 m / s.

The wave cyclone, which first tightened the wave of Central Asian heat, and then brought down the Arctic cold from the Kara Sea, rapidly shifts to the northeast. In the coming days, the Norilsk scenario awaits the residents of Khatanga. Meanwhile, in the greater part of Siberia, abnormally hot weather and high fire hazard remain. In Evenkia and in the central regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the highest degree of fire is rated – the fifth – the class.

In such conditions, any lightning discharge can trigger the flames of large-scale fires. This week, the southwestern streams will continue to take out very warm air from Kazakhstan. In most of Siberia, the temperature background will remain much higher than the climatic norm.

In the Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo regions, in the Altai, the daytime temperature will remain close to +30. At the same time, because of the proximity of cyclones moving to the north-west of Siberia and the associated atmospheric fronts, the probability of a complex of adverse convective phenomena – thunderstorms, showers, hail and squalls – is great

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