Abnormal heat in Italy

In Italy, because of the extremely hot weather, the highest level of danger is declared.

To this decision came the authorities of the city of Bolzano, because the heat wave has been held for three days. The danger of the situation here for the population is estimated at the third (maximum) level. Because of the drought, the second level of danger is declared in thirteen regions of the country.

The Ministry of Health of Italy reported that under special threat due to the temperature increase this weekend are Verona, Venice, Perugia, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Turin, Pescara, Ancona and other cities. Meteorologists predict that the air temperature will exceed 40 degrees there. Doctors recommend people from the risk group – the elderly, children and people with chronic diseases – without special need not to go out. Also, residents were asked to save water and observe the rules of behavior in the presence of heat.

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