Abnormal rainfall flooded St. Petersburg, Russia

The strongest downpour struck St. Petersburg. Yesterday an anomalous amount of rain was recorded in the shortest possible time. Peak rainfall fell in 20 minutes and amounted to 22.3 mm. 68 operational teams of the State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” leave for all appeals of residents as they become available.

The storm sewage system, which was designed in the 1980s, is capable of processing up to 7.2 mm of precipitation without the occurrence of flooding (these standards continue to be in force and approved in the Sewerage System. External networks and facilities for 2018). Due to the sharp precipitation in the city, an increase in the number of flooding is observed.

The hotline of the Vodokanal of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise has already processed 73 applications related to the work of storm sewers within 2 hours after the start of the rain. Experts continue to accept the appeal of St. Petersburg in non-stop.

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