Activity on the volcano “Tinakula”

October 21, 2017, there were two explosions on the volcano Tinakula: 1 eruption around 6 am local time at a height of 4 km. 2 eruption at noon local time at a height of 10 km. The second eruption was so strong that the shock wave of the explosion was visible from satellite radars. After the explosions, it became known about the flow of lava at the foot of the volcano.

Tinakula – stratovolcano to the north of the island of Nendo, is part of the province of Temotu Solomon Islands. Now the island is uninhabited. The last recorded eruption was in 2012.

Intermittent lines – a volcanic avalanche in connection with the destroyed dome of the volcano.
The solid line is the coast of the island.

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