Alaska has gone a giant landslide

The mountain height of 1.2 km collapsed, releasing an avalanche of stones and dirt weighing about 150 million tons. The debris covered glacier at the bottom, creating a stone box with a length of about 10 km. Scientists are concerned that this is already the 5th, a massive landslide in the area.

Colin stark, a Professor at Columbia University, estimated that the force of the landslide was approximately 280 giganewtons to better understand this figure, you can imagine instead of 300 million stones rolling down the slope of the machine.

Despite the fact that the landslide occurred without human presence, scientists learned about it pretty quickly, as the long-range seismographs detected a boost in as much as 2.9 on the Richter scale.

Interestingly, Alaska for the past few days has turned into a real epicenter of stone avalanches. In the National Park of glacier Bay, where there happened a massive landslide over the past few days there have been already 5 landslides the scale is smaller. Says geologist Dave Loop, “as soon as possible to conduct a study and find out why suddenly, the area became so active.”

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