Amazing pictures of the hot lava of Kilauea volcano

Mike Mezeul II (Mike Mezeul II) is known for a series of photos of extreme weather and craving for adventure. The enthusiasm of the photographer pushed him to conquer new high. He visited the Hawaiian Islands and was able to capture the eruption of the volcano Kilaea (KÄ«lauea) in detail. Mike got interesting and colorful pictures. But in an interview with journalists, the author always recalls the tragedy that nature brought to Hawaii. In his photographs you can see not only the beauty of the palette, but also horror, fear and catastrophe.

Mezeul II also says that he felt a danger while working on these pictures:

– It was a huge learning experience not only at the level of photography, but also at the level of “how not to die on the volcano”. You not only need to focus on your picture, but you need to closely monitor any threatening factors. It is very important to go with a guide who knows this area, so he can monitor the threats behind your back, and you – you can focus on your picture.

As it turned out, Mike from childhood was fascinated by geology and volcanoes:

“I loved watching videos in the science class that showed that volcanoes simply lifted lava hundreds of feet into the air, scientists descending to the vent – they looked like space people in fireproof suits. And next to them as if hell broke loose …

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