An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred off the coast of Papua New Guinea

An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The epicenter lies at a depth of 446км and was located in the ocean at a distance of 140 km from the coast.

Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
145.6 km (90.5 mi) NNE
Population: 18,847
Kavieng, Papua New Guinea
191.5 km (119.0 mi) SSW
Population: 14,490
Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
206.4 km (128.2 mi) W
Population: 26,273
Lae, Papua New Guinea
466.6 km (289.9 mi) NE
Population: 76,255
Madang, Papua New Guinea
521.9 km (324.3 mi) ENE
Population: 27,419

Papua — New Guinea located in the southwestern Pacific ocean. Divides the island of New Guinea with Indonesia. Is also Bismarck archipelago, Northern Solomon Islands (Islands D Intercaste), louisiade archipelago of Islands Trobrian.

Area of 462 840 km2. earth: 452 860 sq km, water: 9 980 sq km coastline Length: 5 152 km, the Highest peak is mount Wilhelm (eng. Mount Wilhelm, 4509 m). The total length of land border is 820 km, it shares borders only with Indonesia on the West of the country.

On the South by the Coral and Arafura seas, on the northeast new Guinea by sea, in the East Solomon sea, and on the North by the waters of the sea of Bismarck.

Part of Papua New Guinea has 20 provinces: Bougainville, Milne Bay, East New Britain, Eastern highlands, East Sepik, Gulf, West New Britain, Western province, Western highlands, Madang, Manus, Morobe, national Capital, New Ireland, Sandon, Northern province, Central province, Chimbu, Enga, southern highlands.

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