An unprecedented rise in ocean temperatures has been recorded

Climatologists have prepared a report according to which an unprecedented rise in sea temperature is due to global warming.

This is reported in the Journal of Operational Oceanography.

As the researchers write, in 2018, extremely high temperatures were established in the seas of Europe. At the same time, a large mass of warm water was formed in the northeast of the Pacific Ocean.

This situation was similar to that observed in 2013, when the sea heatwave, dubbed the “Blob”, had a catastrophic impact on marine life. In general, oceanographers and climatologists confirm the record rise in sea temperature.

Climate change is also triggering an increase in the acidity of seawater due to absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, rising sea levels, loss of oxygen and retreating sea ice.

Experts believe that urgent measures should be taken for long-term and systematic monitoring of the World Ocean. Due to the fact that many people across the Earth depend on marine resources, climate change can have a devastating impact on all of humanity, according to the authors of the report.

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