Arctic cyclone “Moscow-Paris” covered Russia and Europe

Abnormal colds covered at once 30 regions of Russia. Moreover, in the coming days, despite the onset of the calendar spring, frosts will only increase.

In the Urals, the thermometer dropped to -35 °. In the Vologda region -40 °. Teletskoe Lake has completely frozen in the Altai for the first time in many years. In the central part of Russia the third day in a row record temperature records. In Moscow, the past day has become the coldest in the whole winter. The next night in the capital are waiting for new temperature records.

Extreme frosts also shackled Europe. Instead of the usual monosyllabic names in France, this cyclone has already come up with a sonorous “Moscow-Paris”. Unprecedented frost for February in Europe, as they say, came from Siberia. At night to -18 °.

Arctic frost came even to Italy. And along with it and the icy wind up to 130 kilometers per hour and snowfalls. The snowdrifts are about one meter high. Under the weight of the snow wires broke off, several areas were left without light and water. A state of emergency was declared in the country. In Rome, decided to close kindergartens and schools, canceled the exams at the university, stopped public transport. But no one is going to sit out at home.

“Despite the fact that I’m no longer a child, I still have enthusiasm for snow, he is always beautiful, and most importantly, I do not need to go to work,” Ginevra Skiourp rejoices.

However, not everywhere the picture is so bright. Already there are the first victims of cold weather. Two people were frozen to death in France. Three people were killed in the south of Serbia due to an accident on the road. In Croatia, a truck and a passenger bus collided.

In Sweden, the track was closed after 19 cars collided immediately because of the ice. At 70 kilometers from Stockholm during a severe blizzard, Prime Minister Stefan Leven’s car flew into the road fence. The politician himself was not injured, but he had to replace the vehicle.

In Romania, visibility fell to 30 meters, because the authorities decided to block about 40 national routes. The largest seaport of Constanta is also closed. Temperatures to -22 °.

Dozens of trains are delayed. The same fate befell the flights, not only in the Balkans, but also in Germany. The past night there has become the coldest in the whole winter, in the Alps -27 °.

The coast of Great Britain is snowing and very cold. Frosts here have nicknamed “Beast from the East”, which gradually creeps already on Belgium.

The icy wind from the Arctic will continue to blow for at least a few more days. Lower temperatures are waiting in the whole kingdom, and the peak will be on the night of March 1. In the mountains, expect up to -20 °.

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