Arizona melts from abnormal heat

In the US state of Arizona is now so hot that they can not stand even cacti. Mail boxes and other plastic objects melt in front of the eyes, and residents bake pies under the scorching sun and fry eggs.

“In the state of Arizona for more than a week there is an abnormal heat. It is expected that this week the heat will begin to subside, but the temperature will remain above normal, “says meteorologist Ken Clark.

June 20, in the state capital of Phoenix, the temperature reached a new record level of 48 ° C.

There is a high fire hazard due to excess heat, intermittent wind and no precipitation until the end of the week.

Experts warn that in extreme conditions, smartphones can refuse, and they advise you to store water and spare parts. Pet owners are warned against walking with pets on the heated sidewalks.

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