As there are lava trees?

When the lava flow temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius slowly flows through the forest, behind him is a fiery black empty field. However, sometimes where there was lava, you can find the remains of life.

Resident of Hawai’i Kawika Singson managed to find a clear example of what remains after stream of hot orange-red hole, ominously glowing on the scorched earth. Fearless Hawaiian shot a rare video last week, studying the active lava flow of Kilauea volcano, taking in the forest on the Big island. “I immediately realized that it was because I’ve seen it before — adds Singson. But never before have I watched it — the hole, shining in orange!”

What happens to a tree when it touches the lava flow? You might think that the tree immediately breaks out, but not in this case. On movies Singana we see a remarkable process of “mummification” of the tree. When hot liquid lava for wet and cold wood, a layer of lava close to the trunk cools and hardens, creating a round shape of the cooling substance around the trunk. In the end, the trees burn to ashes or baked in coals.

Sculptures of the natural origin in the Hawaiian Park “Lava trees.” These natural creations created many years ago. Singson, for the first time took video of that, as it happens.

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