Aso volcano erupts in Japan

Aso volcano erupted in southwestern Japan in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan’s main meteorological office said.

The column of smoke and ash rose to an altitude of 3500 meters. The ejection of volcanic stones at a distance of 1 kilometer was recorded. Meteorologists warn about the danger of rocks throwing and pyroclastic flows up to 2 kilometers away.

Meteorologists raised the level of danger to the third of five possible, which means a ban on approaching and climbing the mountain.

The Ikata NPP is located 130 kilometers from the volcano.

Aso volcano consists of a volcanic chain, one of the most active in which is Nakadake. During the eruption in September 2017, a column of ash and smoke rose to a height of 2000 meters.

During the eruption in 1953, 90 people were injured when stones were thrown. In 1958, the eruption killed 12 people due to the release of stones, and in 1979, during an explosive eruption, 3 people died.

By this hour, there was no information about the victims and the damage.

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