At Syzran in a wheat field, a karst collapse

At Syzran in a wheat field between the village and the village of Troitskoe Advanced occurred failure of the soil. The dimensions of the formed holes is around 15 meters in diameter and about 25 meters deep.

Most likely, there was a collapse of karst cavities. According to local residents, the soil in these parts “intermittent” failures, however, are not of such magnitude has happened here before.

When it collapsed, the soil is unknown, the failure was discovered 3 days ago while cleaning the field. By the way, the harvesters gather the crop, just went round the hole with a margin from the edge of 2-3 meters. Interestingly, in the failure managed to drop a wild pig. After a few hours in the pit was gone.

Locals said the pig got the hunters. The edge of failure already cracked and, most likely, soon more will collapse.

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