At the flooded chemical plant in Texas, there were two explosions

Two explosions thundered on Thursday morning at a chemical plant located 40 km east of the severe floods caused by the Harvey storm, the city of Houston, Texas.

Staff of the plant and residents of nearby areas were evacuated earlier, the channel said.

As Rich Rowe, general manager of the chemical company Arkema Inc., said, it is impossible to prevent possible explosions. “The water level in the plant exceeded two meters, we were left without electricity and two backup power sources, we can no longer cool materials that could explode and cause a fire.” The high water level and lack of electricity leave us no chance to prevent the explosion, ” TV channel words of the head of the company.

Hurricane fourth category, “Harvey” hit Texas on Saturday night. Subsequently, it was reduced to the category of storm. Now the atmospheric phenomenon moves deep into the continent. The victims of the disaster were, according to various sources, 20 to 30 people.

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