Australia is languishing in the heat

In the North-Eastern part of Australia the average temperature has reached 80-year highs. In most parts of the continent, temperatures exceeded 40 degrees. The hottest was Queensland, Thargominda 44.9, 46.9 Birdsville, Shaft-Gas-field and 45.9 42.7 Winton.

Excessive heat caused a mass of flying foxes in flight. People shouldn’t help these animals if they don’t know how to do it, as these animals often carry infectious diseases. In particular, the flying foxes are carriers of Lassa fever, is a deadly disease, warns the specialist infectious disease specialist Dr. Heidi Carroll.

According to her, the bats, particularly flying foxes, are severely affected by heat. In General, flying foxes fall to the ground due to various reasons, however, the factor of increase in temperature at this time of year is essential. Over the past weeks, in Queensland it has been recorded at least two cases where the flying foxes fell during the flight, and people decided to help them.

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