Australia suffers from invasion of red fire ants

Australia suffers from invasion of red fire ants, causing serious damage. Hardest hit Queensland. Ants devour crop plants, sting livestock, they can destroy even the foundations of the house. And people can also become their victims. Experts and activists are sounding the alarm: they sent the Australian government a report with an appeal to intervene immediately to resolve the problem.

Andrew Cox, activist, one of the authors of the report: “Our report shows what damage is caused by red fire ants. If we do not stop the spread of these insects, the damage from them could cover the losses from all other wild animals. The consequences can be very serious.”

The birthplace of red fire ants in South America. They accidentally – with a load – hit in Australia. They were first discovered in the country 16 years ago. Says the mayor of the city of Ipswich.

Paul Pisasale, mayor of Ipswich: “we have Taken measures do not give any effect. We even had to close “Leslie Park” on the outskirts of the city, because the situation there became critical. In the Park small children suffered from the bites of these aggressive insects.”

If the population of dangerous insects will increase and spread throughout Australia and beyond, under the threat of their venomous sting will be thousands of people, according to the report.

Ross Wylie, an employee of the office of the Queensland veterinary security: “While this forecast is reason to doubt not: the population of insects will increase and their habitat is expanding.”

Today to fight the ants, are trying to use dogs who are trained to track dangerous insects. In addition, Australian authorities plan to allocate 270 million euros over the next 10 years to fight fire ants. If measures are not taken now, the country’s economy may suffer losses worth more than a billion euros, experts warn.

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