Bali massively kills birds in Bali

The eruption of the Agung volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali is virtually inevitable. According to the authorities, volcanic activity reached a critical stage.

Since the end of last week Bali has declared the highest level of danger of the volcanic eruption of Agung. On Monday, hundreds of tremors were recorded in the volcano area. More than 57 thousand residents of the dangerous area have already been evacuated.

Several countries, including the UK, Australia and Singapore, warned their citizens who are in Indonesia and intending to travel to this country, about the possible cancellation of flights and the need for evacuation from a dangerous territory on the island of Bali.

The first small tremors in the area of ​​the volcano seismologists began to be recorded from the end of August. A few days after the registration of the first tremors, it became obvious that volcanic activity was growing – the tremors became more powerful and frequent.

The Indonesian authorities decided to impose a 12-kilometer exclusion zone around the volcano. Thousands of people were placed in temporary shelters in urban centers and schools.

Meanwhile, Bali recorded a massive loss of birds. It is assumed that the birds could have died from the poisonous gas and vapor, which are currently emitted from the crater of the Agung volcano.

Birds not only find dead on earth, they literally fall by the hundreds dead from the sky. Scientists can not yet give an exact answer to the question of why birds are massively killed, since the volcano itself is located far enough from the area where the birds die.

“We still do not know for sure whether this is due to volcanic gases or not. We are far enough from Gunung Agung. Poisonous gas exists in volcanic emissions. Perhaps high levels of sulfur and carbon dioxide in the air led to an apocalyptic extinction of birds, “say local authorities.

Karangasem is a district in the province of Bali, Indonesia. The administrative center is the city of Amlapura. The population is 396 487 people.

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