Because of the climate change cloud is shifted to the poles

Scientists from the SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography located in California found that the condensation of water vapor under the influence of climate change moving away from the earth’s surface and go closer to the poles of the planet. These processes can cause significant harm to all life on Earth.

As a result of the studies, it was found that the cause of these abnormal changes is the emission of greenhouse gases. In the absence of positive changes in our climate such processes will continue to grow.

To reverse these changes quickly and without human intervention, can massive volcanic eruptions that will eventually lead to a gradual cooling of the Earth’s surface. After all, the increase in temperature leads to the fact that the mass of water vapor meshayutsya to the poles.

The clouds function as a shield of our planet. This cloud shield reflects solar radiation, which destroyed all living things if we didn’t have such protection. But now this protection is disappearing and we will soon be cosmic radiation alone. Climatologists consider the prospects of creating an artificial cloud that will take on the role of the interim Board and slow the pace of global warming.

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