Black Sea on the brink of disaster: scientist warns of imminent danger

The Black Sea, one of the largest seas in the world, is under threat. Turkish geologist Osman Bektaş expressed his concern about the urgent threat to all the inhabitants of the Black Sea region. According to the scientist, it is no longer possible to prevent or change the trend of destruction of the Black Sea, as its structure has been seriously affected by the excess of climatic temperature.

Structure of the Black Sea

The sea consists of three layers: the bottom layer contains dangerous gases, the middle layer is a kind of conditioner with a temperature of about eight degrees Celsius, and the top layer is rich in oxygen and serves as a home for fish and other sea creatures.

Threat to the inhabitants

The scientist noted that the middle layer has begun to thin because of global warming. “In the future, the lower layer will mix with the upper layer, which contains poisonous gases, and will pose a threat to people living near the sea,” he stressed, adding that the situation cannot be changed or reversed.

Measures to prepare for medical disasters

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that most countries around the world are taking measures to prepare for medical disasters in light of the climate crisis. However, as Osman Bektash emphasizes, in the case of the Black Sea, the situation is already so serious that no measures can prevent a catastrophe.

What to do?

The situation of the Black Sea requires immediate action by all stakeholders. More research and development of measures to minimize the consequences are needed. Perhaps only through the joint efforts of scientists and governments can we find a way out of this situation.

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