“Black Storm” hit the city of Baicheng, China

A massive sandstorm swept the city of Baicheng in Jilin Province, Northeast China. This phenomenon is known as the “black storm”.

Dust waves rose by stormy winds at a speed of 63-74 km / h. A huge column of sand covered the Sun, turning day to night. Many people were taken aback when the city plunged into darkness.

Weather forecasters in the province announced warnings of sandstorms, which lasted 24 hours. Meanwhile, Inner Mongolia received a yellow warning about the storms. In some areas, visibility of up to 500 m at the peak of the storm was recorded.
Meteorologists in Jilin and Inner Mongolia also warned that gale winds could not only cause sandstorms, but also cause forest fires.

Black storms like this tend to affect air quality in the capital of China, Beijing.

The sand rushed east when seasonal westerly winds carried it across grassy plains.

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