California suffers from wildfires

The area of ​​the largest of the fires, more than a week raging in the US state of California, reached almost 950 square meters. km, the flames were only 20% localized. This was reported on December 12 by the State Forest Protection and Fire Protection Agency.

According to information posted on the agency’s website, the fire that originated in Ventura County on December 4 and received the name “Thomas” spread to an area of ​​about 948 square meters. km. The remaining four fires were able to be located on average 85-95%. “Thomas”, meanwhile, is already recognized as the fifth largest in terms of fire in modern state history.

The fight against fire in California is led by about 10,000 firefighters. More than 1 thousand houses and buildings were burned down. Thomas alone destroyed nearly 900 buildings in the Ventura and Santa Barbara districts, including 690 houses, and threatens even more than 18,000 buildings. Almost 100 thousand inhabitants of the areas affected by the disaster were evacuated.

The situation is complicated by strong winds, which reach in the gusts of 18 m / s and contribute to the spread of fires. “Severe weather conditions will contribute to the spread of fire, which threatens the inhabitants of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Montesito,” the Office said.

As previously reported, the number of the largest fires in southern California, raging since December 4, declined from six to five and is limited to the districts of Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Diego. The governor of the state, Jerry Brown, previously introduced an emergency regime in these districts.

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