Cambodia – One person died after flash flooding in Sihanoukville

One person died after hours of heavy rain caused flash flooding in the coastal city of Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia.

Cambodia’s Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology warned Aug. 24 that the country would be under the influence of a low-pressure system in the coming days, increasing the chance of heavy rains.

In Sihanouk, officials said, the flooding occurred after about 279 mm of rain fell on the evening of Aug. 24, 2021. Drainage canals overflowed and roads around the city were under 1 meter of water in some areas. Residents were warned to stay indoors. One person died after being washed away by floodwaters. A full assessment of the damage has yet to be completed.

Other parts of the country have experienced heavy rains in recent days, notably Khemarak Phoumin, the capital and largest city of Koh Kong province in Cambodia.

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