Cape Town will be left without drinking water by June 4, 2018

In South Africa, the strongest drought in a hundred years is raging, rivers, streams and lakes have dried up, and the water level in the reservoir has reached a critical point and then dropped below the lower limit.

Cape Town is the second most populous city (after Johannesburg) in the Republic of South Africa. Located in the south-west of the country on the Atlantic coast, near the Cape of Good Hope.

In Cape Town, water prices have skyrocketed, tariffs for the supply of water to homes and apartments have increased many times. The resident is allowed to use a day not more than 50 liters of drinking water.

The authorities voiced a critical date when the water in the capital will not be at all. Earlier, it was called April 12, 2018, but this period could be postponed by dumping about 100 million cubic meters of fresh water in the Cape Town reservoir, opening the Stinbras dam.

But even this, it would seem a huge amount of water, enough only until June 4, 2018. After this date there will be no water at all. In Cape Town there are 4 million inhabitants and another 2 million tourists visit it every year. When the water is over, the authorities plan to create water distribution points in the city, about 200 points for a 4 million population of the city. In these points will not give more than 25 liters of water per person. This 25 liters, a person will have to stretch for one day before the next issue.

The authorities have already fully prepared the forces of the police and army units to suppress likely unrest, riots and insurgencies that may follow from residents of the city after such extreme measures.

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