Carnivorous bacteria have captured beaches in the US

In the US state of Florida, a woman resting on the beach suffered from carnivorous bacteria. The incident occurred in the area of ​​the city of Manasota C, located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

The woman was hospitalized and told the doctors that she had scratched herself on the shell and entered the ode with a small wound on her leg, and then she felt that something was not normal.

Doctors conducted a very difficult treatment and they say. that she was lucky, because she turned to them at an early stage of infection, otherwise she was threatened with death.

The number of victims of carnivorous bacteria attacks has increased this summer. This is already becoming a serious problem for the United States, and the habitats of the bacteria continue to grow.

In a year, up to 1,200 people suffer from carnivorous bacteria, and in many cases, everything ends in death.

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