‘Catastrophic Damage’: New Orleans loses power; water and sewer systems destroyed by Hurricane Ida

New Orleans faced catastrophic damage from Hurricane Ida on Sunday. The hurricane was downgraded from a Category 4 to a Category 3, but winds, rain and surge left the entire city without power due to “catastrophic damage to power lines,” which also disrupted water and sewer systems.

The slow-moving Hurricane Ida left all Orleans County customers without power because of “catastrophic power line damage,” Entergy New Orleans reports.

The severe storm knocked out all eight power lines in the New Orleans area, spokesman Brandon Scardigley said. It created a load imbalance that knocked out all power generation in the region.

From WWL-TV reporter David Hammer: “Urgent @WWLTV: The New Orleans Sewer and Water Authority has lost all three feeder lines from Entergy. That means the agency lost 12 megawatts of 60-cycle power to run its new sump pumps and is left with only Turbine 6 to produce 15 megawatts on its own.

The New Orleans Sewer and Water Board sent a status update via Twitter:

“Although we have lost all of Entergy’s capacity, our teams are working quickly and decisively to make up for it with our own power sources, including Turbines 4, 5 and 6 and EMD, as well as standby generators located at our drainage pump stations. Entergy’s power loss is a significant power loss for our 60 Hz pumps and 25 Hz pumps that we power through frequency converters, but we use our own power sources to divert storm water and pump potable water to the city. Power loss also affects our sewage pumping stations. Currently, there is no backup power to operate all of those stations that are affected. We are estimating how many of the 84 stations are affected, but the number could be very significant. “.

A local meteorologist said this is the worst he’s seen, “This is the worst day of my 30-year career. And tomorrow won’t be any better. We’re devastated.”

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