Climate change made hurricanes a threat to the Tomsk region

The head Department of EMERCOM of the region Mikhail Runner commented about the fact that hurricanes (and resulting landslides, erosion of roads and public accidents) in 2016 included in the list of emergency situations that threaten the well-being of the population of the Tomsk region.

According to Michael Runner, on the territory of Siberia in recent years is really climate change that have led to the frequent stormy winds, heavy showers and thunderstorms in the summer. Similar phenomena occur not only in the Tomsk region, but also in other regions, for example, recently the wind knocked down trees in the tourist zone “turquoise Katun” in the Altai.

“In 2007, when there was a serious windfall, it was a moment very uncharacteristic of the climate of the Tomsk region. Over the past ten years, and starting in 2012 — almost a year — comes from the seven to eight cases of strong hurricane winds in the region. That is, we have the forecast for the near future and can say that the hurricane of Tomsk region, became, first, a characteristic phenomenon, and secondly, they are subject to our southern group of districts: Kozhevnikovskogo, Shegarskoe, asinovskiy, Tomsk and some Krivosheinsky district. We can already say that in the spring and summer, these regions are characterised by the hurricane. It is very important that the government and administration of the districts were ready to occurrence of such disaster, was ready of the state emergency service and weather, and, most important, were ready for this energy. We proactively begin to check availability of repair crews in the event of an emergency, the availability of stock of material resources, schedule, as well as how accurate forecasts of meteorological services and established whether prompt notification service, EDDS, — said Mikhail Runner.

According to the MOE, landslides, as such, Tomsk region are not threatened, but there is another problem — the rise of the water level in the small rivers because of the rains. This can be overcome by the construction of reinforcement slopes, good content bandwidth pipes, as well as institutional work: the availability of repair crews and the stock of material resources.

Moreover, as noted by Michael runner, the Tomsk region has already been the case when I spill a small river, and a supply of gravel and crushed stone to eliminate the state of emergency was “cut off” from the maintenance crew, as it was located on the other side.

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