Climate Management: A 1959 science film predicted the hurricane “Irma”

A popular science film created by Walt Disney in 1959, tells about the Sun and the impact of its activity on the earth’s climate, and also shows how in the future people will control the weather. The film describes the emergence of a powerful hurricane that threatens the coast of Florida, and the date of these events – September 14.

The film details how climate control technologies, including the creation of artificial clouds, storms and high-pressure zones, make this dangerous hurricane turn from densely populated areas and go to sea.

The sun controls our weather, it is a gigantic atomic furnace emitting giant clouds of red-hot plasma from active zones (groups of spots). The sun is absolutely necessary for life on Earth. The earth is surrounded by a protective shell restraining the solar wind, but during solar flares, the air streams in the Earth’s atmosphere are shifting, mixing, spinning into huge whirlpools, creating low pressure zones in the atmosphere that generate destructive hurricanes.

Scientists should create a ramified network of weather stations, ships and aircraft with equipment and centers for tracking the weather on earth, to be able to predict the formation of such hurricanes in advance. In addition, science should look into the past of the Earth, study the climate changes that took place on our planet in the past, relying on glacier studies and archeology, to know when in the past there were global climate changes that would predict their repetition in the present and future.

Auroras – Aurora that illuminates the sky of the Earth, can tell us about what happens when energy from the Sun penetrates into the Earth’s atmosphere. Aerial meteorological balls and rockets launched from them, will help to study the influence of solar energy flows on air currents in the surrounding atmosphere of our planet. In addition to these imperfect and short-lived weather probes, we have more advanced satellites in orbit on Earth and collect all the necessary data continuously.

While the equipment on these satellites is imperfect, but in the future everything will be different. Let’s imagine how the satellites will be used in the future. This is World Weather Center. Here they control all the changes on the planet and watch the weather.

Deep in space are three perfect satellites controlling the weather on Earth. They quickly transfer data to the Hydrometeorological Center, where powerful computers process the information received and issue schedules predicting the occurrence of hurricanes a few months in advance.

And now these graphs showed that a very powerful hurricane is starting to form in the Atlantic Ocean, which threatens the US coast. The strongest hurricane formed a thousand miles east of Miami, Florida. The operator of the weather center, gives the command to increase the image on the computer monitor. The satellite aims its camera at the coordinates indicated by the operator. The operator sees that urgent measures must be taken, as in 48 hours the hurricane will collapse on densely populated areas of the US coast.

An emergency warning is given. “At 960 miles east of Miami, Florida, a devastating hurricane formed, which in 48 hours will pass deep into Cape Hatteras – an alarm!”.

The Weather Center makes the decision to take the hurricane off the coast, creating several low-pressure areas and an additional controlled tropical storm that will repel the hurricane and it will leave the coast in the sea.

The satellite control operator in space, commands the satellite to find suitable places for creating storms. The site is selected and two storm systems will be created, one above Kansas, and the other above Labrador.

At the touch of a button, the battle with the hurricane begins. Installation on the ground begins to create a chemical cloud, and a special aircraft begins to spray special substances in the atmosphere, so will create two storm areas. Chemical clouds worked and two storm systems were formed over Kansas and Labrador.

At this time, a terrible hurricane is approaching, a gusty wind, huge waves he carries with him. It’s time to put in place an additional plan B – special rockets are rocketing to the sky at a height of 42,000 feet, they explode above the clouds and release chemical substances. These artificial clouds will block the evaporation of water from the lower layer of natural clouds, which would affect the progress of the hurricane.

The control center reports that the creation of artificial clouds over Kansas created a threat of flooding. In the sky over Kansas, an unmanned plane is urgently sent, which must remove the previously sprayed chemical elements from the clouds. Help it installs from the ground. This artificial storm system has already played its role and can be removed.

And at this time, a powerful hurricane is steadily moving towards the US coast. It is decided to put into orbital station. Her crew makes snapshots of the hub’s epicenter, its location and sends it to the Weather Control Center. The Center thanks for the data received, it is now clear that the efforts made to create artificial storm systems have yielded positive results, the hurricane began to turn off along the coast to the sea, but the data show that after a decrease in capacity, the hurricane is gaining strength again – this is dangerous.

A decision is made for an additional volley with rockets to create artificial clouds and a storm system ahead of the oncoming hurricane that would make it turn and reduce its power. Slowly, but the hurricane begins to turn away from the shore. Now it remains only to wait and after several hours of anxious expectation it becomes clear – the Weather Center has won.

Along the coast of Florida, an artificially created high pressure area was formed, which turned into a strong wall that did not miss the hurricane and made it turn towards the sea.

The storm is defeated, so we will control the weather in the future. We will turn the elements into a source of energy production, where there was a desert, there will be gardens blooming where eternal ice lay, the world of eternal cold reigns, the ice melts, the heat and former glaciers turn into fertile lands.

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