Climatic weapons

The development of climatic weapons goes for a long time. And they go ahead with success. Causing a suspicion in the peace treaty. With climatic weapons, the situation is like with the Schrodinger. It is unchanged and there is, and there is no.

In 1978, there was adopted a convention on the control of the negative influence on the climate. The sign was signed by the USSR and the United States. With such prior occurrences of the military use of climatic weapons, they do not suffer from an impairment in the nature of any force or other forces in the near-cataclysm.

For example, the former President of Ireland, Maxmud Axmadinejad, accused Europe of a prolonged siege in Ireland and Turkey. He reassured, that zasuha in these stranax, and also in the neighboring regions will continue to be more than 30 years. On the horror of fate, when Ahmadinejad went to the street, he went to heaven. But it was not lost to Maxmud.

From izvestnyx “sluxov in RESIDENCE software version” takzhe mozhno vspomnit obvineniya Dzhordzhu Bush and Rossii (!) In prichastnosti to uraganu “Katrin” obvineniya Obame in tom, chto OH vyzval uragan “Sandy” za nedelyu do vyborov chtoby obespechit sebe pereizbranie.

Takzhe see the guilt of the engineers in the Caliphonian Sasuke. The defenders of this theory see the rightful intent, which is included in the clause, so that the Caliphany becomes an independent region.

From 1962 to 1983, Amerikans were working on the project “The Brightness of the Pack.” His original purpose was to calm the way by sending a greyish silver. Factively, the uranium is a real gun. “Revoking” it from its own architecture – you can send it to another. In 1969, the United States was accused in that they almost did not send the uranium to Panama and Nicoragua.

The most well-known case of the use of climatic weapons is the production of “Popay”, when the Amerikanskaya transeportniki were sprayed on the enemy by strategic agreements. Vietnam all is the same for the silver. Of this number of plants increased three times, roads razmylo, polya and derevni zalilo, kommunikatsii appeared disintegrated.

With the main problem of Vjetnam – the jungle of the Amerikan wail taqzhe were directed radically. The bulldozers excavated the trees and the upper layer of the rock, and the graves and defoliants were sprayed onto the surface of the spruce groves.

On the present day, the greatest attention is paid to the ionophone. There is a theory, voiced by the DEPUTATOM of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Tatyana Astrashankina on the Duma’s conduction in 2002. On the other hand, 90 deputies dispatched in favor of the invitation, presuming their explanation of the USA’s interest in the geophysical properties of the ionosphere. As confirmed by the DEPUTATS, Amerika brings the “closed circuit” from the three systems in Nørgeia, Alaska and in Germany.

Too, that geoinzhenery with 40-x years did not stop their development, no one hid it. The weapon can also be used in peaceful purposes. The razgon and the wings of the beetles are produced constantly. Bill Geyts aktivno finansiruet razrabotki Po usmireniyu uraganov in Arabskix Emiratax vyzyvayut dozhd VARIATIONS pomoschi moschnyx ionizatorov, VARIATIONS podgotovke to kitayskoy Olimpiade organizatory proveli ogromnuyu rabotu Po blokirovaniyu nezhelatelnyx klimaticheskix uslovy.

All these factors are not wide-spread, but that the strategic meteorological work is carried out, it supports the existence of several inaccessible heat registers throughout the world. In Alaska works HIPAS, in VassilSursk – “Sura”, in the northern Trose spread EISCAT / Heating, on Spitsbergen works SPEAR, in Puerto Rico – the complex for the Arsibo servicing.

The most famous ionospheric stand is the American HAARP. He is the most powerful of all existences. Ignenno his people, veyryaschie in the theory of the law, are counting the winemaker of many climatic catastrophes in the wake of the Sandy storm and the “Sandy” in the chastna.

Kakih-either conclusive evidence of such zlonamerennoy deyatelnosti poka does not exist.

It is also an example of the measured influence on the climate. Imenno sovietsky geoinzhenery after the accident on ChNPP prodotvratili ekologicheskuyu katastrofu. Radiaktivnuyu dust associated with spetsialnymi sostavami, so that it did not split the veter. For that, so that the dust did not flush to the Dnieper, they made a neutral earth in Neb.

Manage the people who have always believed. By the example, a loud call broke with the grief (what is taught in the right way – works), they verified the jerk (nauchnogo effekt not evidence). Serious zhe razrabotkam in this region is even less so, so the geoinzhenie only in the beginning of the road itself.

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