Climatologists predict the death of 150,000 people in Europe

As a result of large-scale climate change, by the year 2100 hundreds of millions of people will be forced to save their lives from fatal weather events. Climatologists are already predicting the possible death of 150,000 people in Europe.

The number of victims of extreme weather events is at risk of increasing by 50 times, two out of three people on the continent will not be able to avoid the consequences of natural disasters, scientists from the European Commission found.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the near future will die from heat strokes, heart problems, as well as floods and hurricanes. Droughts in this new world will lead to a shortage of food, people will be at risk of fatal diseases and infections, and agriculture will destroy numerous fires.

All these disappointing forecasts experts have deduced from the analysis of data on extreme weather events and their comparison with forecasts for the last decades, reports The Independent.

A horrible fate of mankind can be avoided only if the governments of all leading states react with maximum attention to the ecological situation. Three quarters of the currently mined resources (coal, oil and gas) should remain intact in the depths, if humanity intends to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The European Commission calls on states to abandon the development of new coal mines and new deposits of natural gas and oil and invest in renewable energy sources.

People who will witness the horrendous consequences of climate change in the future have already been born and live in our time. Therefore, the reporters believe, there is still hope for an energy revolution and global changes in relation to the planet’s ecology.

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