Cold wave can shut down France and Belgium

By the end of the week the temperature will drop to -15 C. the Consumption of electricity, primary heating source every third inhabitant of these countries will grow significantly.

Experts explain, if it falls by only one degree when we are talking about the mark below the zero – load increases as if on the map there is another Paris. In France, five nuclear power plants are not functioning due to technical reasons, the remaining capacity may not be enough.

“Even if we employ a strategic reserve, we have to look abroad, respectively, in the Netherlands, approximately one thousand eight hundred megawatts. France and Belgium will begin to fight for the opportunity to import electricity from that country,” says University of Liege, Damien Ernst.

The risk that in the Netherlands on all customers free electricity is not there – great. Local media publish tips – how to survive without electricity. And I assure you that the off light if you will, is only temporary. A wave of cold coming from Russia, here referred to as “Moscow-Paris”. According to experts the cold to last at least a week. The peak of the cold snap is expected to close by the weekend.

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